[Suggestion] Custom.css Option

I work with a lot of WordPress themes, and have seen others include a custom.css file, in which you can just paste in your CSS code in the WP-Admin area, which then overrides the style.css and therefore doesn’t go back to the original style.css when you update.
Would be great to have this feature implemented.


Thank you for your suggestion. We’ve considered this at some point but decided not to do it. To do this right we would have to load a whole library and it just doesn’t make sense to load that kind of code if it’s not going to be used to by everybody. That’s why we recommend custom CSS plugins, most people that are used to tweak themes already have one installed anyway.

What I said above refers to having an option to write the custom code in the database. Having a writable custom.css is a bit unsafe and it wouldn’t be allowed anyway for our themes on wordpress.org. And we try to follow the same coding standards for our paid themes as well.

Ok thanks, I didn’t realise there were plugins available, so I tried using one and it works great :slight_smile: