Suddenly my menu and footer are gone? EEeek!

Hey Guys,

Was working on my site last night, had it almost exactly as I wanted it, and suddenly after changing something in “Customize” everything went funky. Now I don’t have a menu or footer. I’m going to continue to try and figure it out, but maybe it’s something simple I’m not seeing??? Thanks.

I’m wondering if it has something to do with the Elementor page settings under General Settings? It has

  1. Default
  2. Elementor Canvas
  3. Elementor Full Width
  4. Full Width
  5. Pagebuilder

Which one should this be set to?

Thanks again!

I think I’ve got it back after 2-3 hours (geesh). What seemed to fix it was to re-upload the “Import Demo Data”. After that and a few tweaks, it looks good. I’m still curious though what the Elementor page settings (see above post) should be set to? Default? Elementor Full Width?

We recommend you use Page Builder template for pages that aimed for landing page purpose like what you’re having now on your site’s homepage.