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Since the Front Page template is linked to the widget content automatically I’m not sure this would work, but thought I’d ask anyway. (hopefully this will be my last question, haha)

So I do photos and video and I love the layout of the Front Page template for thumbnails and displaying images in an overlaying window when clicked on. Is there any way to do that style through the Menu 1 links? Such as my Portfolio>Artwork or Portfolio>Graphic Design>Logos or >Print Material

Could I use the Employees or Testimonials widget on a Front Page #2 an fill them with content?

Sorry if this is hard to understand, I’m having trouble explaining.
Basically it would be nice to have my Portfolio sub pages look like an extended version of the Projects widget on a single page (with only the magnifying glass to enlarge thumbs).

This probably would take more code, but I didn’t know if there was some way to manipulate the theme as it is to make this work.

Sorry for the long post!


I’m not sure I understand exactly.

You cannot really pass the styles from the projects section to those galleries, so your best bet would be to install a gallery lightbox plugin, and you can find plenty of those for free.

Regarding the Employees: you can simply create a new page and assign the Front Page template to that page too. Then you can simply build it like you did with the actual front page.


Almeno8 , I just wanted to tell you that your website is great !!
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