Submenus not aligning to the side

Hi Greg,

I’ve been reporting this to our development team to inspect further.

The permanent fix will be available in the future version update of the theme. But we don’t have an ETA at the moment. I hope it will be ready as soon aspossible. Please be patience.

aThemes Support


The issue is fixed, please wait for the next update.

About AOL Desktop Gold. First time I’m hearing about this, it seems it’s part of a premium subscription and unavailable anyway outside of the US. Considering we have no way of testing and there is no market share at all for this, we can’t look into it I’m afraid.

No problem with patience. I just wanted to know the direction you were heading, not exactly when you’d get there.

I completely understand your position regarding AOL Desktop Gold. It is also the first I’ve heard of it.

The AOL problem was no drop down at all, rather than sub menus overlapping the “1st-level” drop down. This was also reported as a Linux problem by someone else. If you are able to fix that, maybe I am lucky and it fixes AOL also. If not, I’ll just have to ask my user to choose a different browser for our site. He’s an older gentleman and probably set in his ways - has used AOL for years and will not want to change. That’s OK, I can deal with that.

Was it line 857 ?
:not(.mainnav.toggled) ?

That is indeed causing the issue because it takes priority over a different property, but that line is needed.

I “suggested” it already 11 days ago, but apparently was everybody busy in finding a CSS work around.

Hi Vlad,

Just updated from 1.74 to 1.76 and noticed that previously sub-sub-menu was hanging left and now is hanging right, pushing out of the screen.

(854-855) I can add to child css “right” iso “left” at:

#mainnav ul li ul li ul {
right: auto;

(869-872) but I also need a “right” here, which apparently cannot be overruled in child css

#mainnav:not(.mainnav.toggled) li:hover > ul ul {
padding-top: 0;
right: 100%;

Any suggestion appreciated



You also need to add left: auto; in your second block of code to override the theme’s default behaviour and get it the way you want.

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Thks @vlad, appreciated.

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