Submenu item animation

I would like to turn off the submenu item animation (it flies across the page from the left). Is this possible?

Hi @tfindlay,
Please post your site link. Yes, everything is possible.


Hi @tfindlay,
In you first message you wrote that your sub menu fly across left of the page. But i can’t seen it. Sub menu animated from top of parent menu. Did you fix it? Will you please tell me which sub menu?


The issue occurs in Safari but not in Firefox. When I mouse over Custom Smoking in Safari the submenu item, Custom Smoking Prices, does not drop down but flies across the page from left to right and stops in its correct position under Custom Smoking.

Since the behaviour only occurs in Safari I am not too concerned about it but if there is an easy fix that would be great.

Hello there,

seems like this issue only happened in safari browser? to fix this, can you try to add these css code below:

#mainnav ul li ul {
    left: initial;

you can put the code using simple custom css plugin. Let me know if it fixed the issue.

best regards,