Submenu - change background and font


is it possible to change the background color and font for the submenus? Check (you must disable your AdBlock, the page won’t show properly if you don’t turn it off), there I have a Products in main menu and in first submenu there are Axles, Tranfer Cases, etc. and in the second submenu there is for example AX40, AX60, etc. Can I change the style of that menus?

Thank you very much for answer, Pavel.


You can use this CSS to change the styles of the submenu:

.navbar .navbar-nav > li .dropdown-menu {
    background-color: red;
.navbar .navbar-nav > li .dropdown-menu > li a {
    color: white;

Add the code into: customize > additional css.


Thank you very much.

Two more questions:

  1. Can i get rid off this “space”? I want it to be in one row.

  2. When I’m on mobile, I can’t open submenu of Products, it just don’t work. Is there any solution for it?

Thanks a lot.


To remove the space, you can use this:

.navbar .navbar-nav > li .dropdown-menu > li.dropdown .dropdown-menu{
  top: -15px;

And for the submenu issue, it should be fixed after you update your theme to the latest version. Please refer to this thread also for update

Thank you, the first problem is solved.

The second probelm, with submenus on mobile phone is not sloved yet. I updated my theme and the submenu on phone still doesn’t work.