Submenu animation

I am having the same difficulty as posted here here , except in Sydney. The submenus ‘fly’ in from the left. I am also using Safari. I tried adding the css code as suggested:

#mainnav ul li ul {
    left: initial;

but without success. Any other suggestions?

The site is locally hosted so I can’t link to it right now (or maybe I can, but don’t know how)

Hello there,

I have tested this on a site from mentioned topic, and issue is fixed when mentioned code is applied. I don’t know from where you have tried to apply the code, but maybe you can try to add !important at the end, like this:

#mainnav ul li ul {
left: initial !important;

Let us know how this turned out.
All the Best!

That worked, thanks.

You’re welcome,

Best Regards!