Submenu and sub-submenu


Hi. We’ve made a sub-submenu on this page:

If u resize the windows u can’t go on sub_submenu “Evento 1” on submenu “Video” (on top menu “Media”). The menus open even on right side: maybe, when the space is not enough on the page, it’s better open on right side.
Can you help us?
Thanks a lot.
Best regards.



Try this in your custom CSS plugin:

.main-navigation ul ul li:hover > ul {
   left: -100%;


It works. You are always fast and polite. Thanx

On smartphone the sub-submenus are down the top menu, like submenu. We need to decide how put them. We know it’s not a better idea a sub-submenu, but don’t want too many top menu on screen.

Have a nice time.