Sub pages without header image

Hey Superman

Big thanks for creating this wonderfull theme - much appreciated :)-

I have a quiestion:
How can I remove the header on all ‘subpages’ in my site?
So whenever I click a subpage in my navigation I wish to remove the header (image + animation) > How do I do that?


Pretty please :)-


You can go to Customize > Welcome area and you’ll notice a checkbox that does just this.

Dude - you rock!

Thanks for the quickest reply ever :)-
Somehow I thought I wouldn’t be the first with this question…


Hmmm I really wold like to implement the “no header image”- feature on SUB-pages only.

But when I disable the “Current header” in the suggestet costumize field it only removes the header picture in th efrontpage - and not in any other (sub)pages.

Did i miss something?

thanks ;-D