Sub Menu Issue


I have issue with sub menu , it is not getting display completely. I have three items but only items which can come in menu bar are being displayed rest not. Please solve.

website address is

response is awaited


First, I’m really sorry about the delay. Not really sure how this topic was missed.

The issue happens because you’ve added some code in your custom CSS plugin. This is the code you’ve added and that you need to remove:

.site-header {
    overflow: hidden;

I have added this based on support from one of Sydney Team member. When I remove menu get appear . However, main pages getting left to right scrolling. Could you solve this now which is coming after removing the above code from CSS.

above was the support blog in which I have been asked to add the code . Could you please see how to fix this without having issue.


One solution is to move the menu item (Solutions) to the left so that it’s not the last item.
The other solution is to add this:

#mainnav ul li ul,
#mainnav li:hover > ul {
     left: -100%;

Let me know how it goes.

Thank you , by adding above code sub menu align to left and page is not scrolling. Thank you for your help