Sub Menu Indent

I have a custom side bar menu with parent, child and grandchild levels. How to I indent the child relative to the parent and indent the grandchild relative to the child.

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Hello there,

Please share your site link with us so we can inspect it in order to try to generate necessary css code.

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If you go to this page you will see what I mean.
Project Development & Consulting is the Parent
Project Management and Feasibility Studies are the Children.
Action Plan Development and Gap Analysis are the Grandchildren

I use the following ugly hack to indent the Children relative to the parent but I also need to indent the Grandchildren relative to the Children.

.widget ul.sub-menu li a { padding-left: 40px;

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Hello again,

Custom side bar is not present or referred page, have you managed to fix it in the meantime or you have given up?

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