Sub menu goes off the screen

Hi there,

I’ve create a nested sub menu and have noticed than in certain resolutions the sub menu is not visible. It ends up too far to the right to be seen. A horizontal scroll bar appears but I can’t scroll sodeways without leaving the menu item. At which point the scroll bar disappears anyway.
the site is It’s my dev domain.

I’be been able to work around the issue by changing the menu from inline to centered but am wondering if there are other options.



This is the disadvantage of having a submenu for you last menu item. The solution you applied is alright, other than that you could only have a lot of extra JS that detects when the menu goes off screen and moves it to the left instead of right.

HI Vlad,

No worries. I can google that if I decide to go down that route. Thanks and OK to close this thread.