Styling and content lost when moved site from local server to bluehost server

Hi again :slight_smile: I got my Intro site all ready to go live, and today I did the big transfer of everything to the bluehost server. My problem is that the styles and content of the intro child theme aren’t showing up at my site I discussed with BlueHost and they said it’s an issue with the theme and I should speak with you. I hope you can help!



Hello Stephanie,

You should follow this guide regarding moving WP installation, and this also refers to migration from one server to another​

Also this is not theme related question, and you should really debug this with your hosting service, because if everything is working on local, it have to work on live server, and if it is not, then transfer process is not completed properly.

Best Regards!

Hi - I spoke again with Bluehost today regarding this issue, and they insist that it’s a theme problem. I am missing some of the styling and formatting on the live site but, more importantly, I cannot login to the wp-admin when using this theme. I get an error that says:

ERROR: Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output. For help, please see this documentation or try the support forums.

I don’t get that error when using other wordpress themes. Do you think this is an issue with the theme? I really don’t understand this stuff and I don’t know what to do at this point besides build a whole other site with a different theme, so any insights you could give would be helpful.



Hello again Stephanie,

It is normal that most of hosting service providers will tell you that it is theme error when everything is fine with hosting. It is not their job to debug your things.

As explained previously, when everything is working on local it will also work on live server, but you have to perform migration correctly, and here is screenshot of default WP theme and since links are still pointing to localhost this again mean that you didn’t migrate it correctly.

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Thank you, that screenshot helps me understand where I need to look to resolve this issue. Thanks again for your help.

You’re welcome Stephanie,

And thank you for using our theme.

All the Best!