Styles.php: firefox bug

Dear all,

first of all a big thank you for this greate theme.
I’ve a problem with firefox and the redefinition of colors. The “::selection” at the and of the inline css diesabled the rule for firefox.
Could you change in styles.php:
$custom .= “.post-navigation .nav-previous, .post-navigation .nav-next, .paging-navigation .nav-previous, .paging-navigation .nav-next, .comment-respond input[type="submit"], ::selection { background-color: {$primary_color}; }”."\n";


$custom .= ".post-navigation .nav-previous, .post-navigation .nav-next, .paging-navigation .nav-previous, .paging-navigation .nav-next, .comment-respond input[type=\"submit\"] { background-color: {$primary_color}; }"."\n";
$custom .= "::selection { background-color: {$primary_color}; }"."\n";
$custom .= "::-moz-selection { background-color: {$primary_color}; }"."\n";

Thank you a lot.


For some reason I thought I did. Thanks for reporting.