Style widget-title

I seem to not be able to modify .widget-title with the style.css file when trying to add margin-bottom.

Am I looking at the wrong location to edit this?

I want to simply modify the style of h3.widget-title for all my widgets.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, it would be good to use custom simple css or similar for styling changes because it have higher hierarchy.

Also, can you post your page link, so we can check and suggest changes.

nice plugin, haven’t heard of it before. But there must be a more elegant approach to the problem right?
I have been searching with the Google Chrome Inspector, but couldn’t figure out how to change it.

If you applied similar code in this manner it should work, I just tried it. If you are applying it through style.css clear your browser cache after changes.

h3.widget-title {
  color: red;
  margin-bottom: 50px;

Proper way is to use child theme and apply your changes to style.css of your child theme. Simple custom css is pretty elegant way since you dont have to create child theme and you will not lose changes on next theme update.

Either way, you are choosing the way :slight_smile:

I am already using a child theme and I have used the exact same code like you just did. It still doesn’t show up. There must be a problem with my child theme set up. Have been sitting on this for hours now…

If you are creating child theme in that way import original style.css by placing CSS code below, in your child style.css just after commented part.

@import url("…/intro/style.css");

After this line you are good to go with your styling.

Although it is not quite proper way, referring to wordpress codex - child themes.