Struggling with mobile view & colour of menu on mobile view

HI, I am very happy with my website in progress (not completely done yet - as you’ll see at blog and testimonials etc) but i have a question, I’m struggling to get my slider photos mobile responsive - and then my menu where my logo is shows up black on my iPad & iPhone, nut is fine on the desktop? can you possibly help me? also lastly the menu sits over the top of my slider text on my iPhone? many thanks

Hello @krnnagel1,

  1. Actually, slider images are mobile responsive, they are cut on mobile devices because of portrait orientation.

  2. Logo and main menu are in separate block above slider on lower resolutions, that’s default behavior.

  3. I checked your site on mobile resolutions and looks like everything is fine, did you resolved the issue with menu and slider text yourself?

Kind Regards, Roman.

HI Roman, thanks you for your reply, yes i have resolved the mobile resolution issue lol I’m one of THOSE people who could just not wait!! :slight_smile:

Is there a way i can change the colour of that black block that the menu and logo sits in (for mobile viewing) - the black is really stark and doesn’t really go with the rest of my branding…the colour i would love is #e1d8cf, could you possibly help me? I would forever be grateful :slight_smile:

Well, looks like that block already has #e1d8cf color :slight_smile:

Please try to clear your cache and check it once again.

Kind Regards, Roman.