Structured Data Errors in Webmaster


I have followed the instructions on the previous posts Webmaster Errors however I still have 17 items still showing the following errors:

Missing: author
Missing: entry-title
Missing: updated

Here is one example from the site that can be tested: Errors on content page

Please can someone look into this and get back to me.


Hello there,

Could you please confirm if you’re running the latest version of Sydney Pro?

I tested our demo with Google’s tool, no errors found.


The version I was running was Version: 1.51 but then you told me to use the child theme which is Version: 1.0. So I have no idea what version I’m running now, guess its v1.0

I’ve looked at your demo data and you also do not have author, entry-title , updated. These are the errors that get shown in webmaster after being crawled they do not show when using Google Tools.

I followed you instructions as per previous post and I, still awating replies from other posts. Don’t think I’m the only one with this issue?


Your template does show errors. Please try this link: