Structure Data Error & Changes Log Sydney Pro 1.42

Hi There,

I have just updated the version of the Theme to 1.42.

I was having problems with structure data error in google and before the update I changed the files to resolve the problem following this procedure here:

I am not using a child theme (I know I know I should) so I figured I had to do the procedure again to fix the problem now that you updated the theme.

But now, I can’t find the lines:

<span class=“author vcard”>
<span class=“author post-author”>

I did a live data test and the error is not appearing anymore…

Just wondering, has this been already fixed in the new theme? If not where can I find lines above?

Is there any change log with all changes in this new version?

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Nope, there were no changes regarding this.
You only need to find <span class=“author vcard”> which is in the same place as in Kharis’s reply here.

The changelog is shown in the update notice, where it says Click to see details. This update was mostly about some page builder options (re-arranging and adding new options).

I made a note of new topic so I can look at it for the next update.

Cool, I realised the vcard line i was searching is not in the functions.php - it is in the code Kharis’s posted to be added to it.

Hopefully it will work. Thanks!