Strange Spacing Issue between pictures and text


Recently, my colleague and I noticed that some of the pages we had set up before were now removing any spacing between text and pictures. I tried to play around with the blog post style to see if page width settings were to blame, but that did not fix it.

You can see an example here and here

We’ve played around with this for hours and have no idea how to fix this issue or what created it in the first place.



Hi Sarah,

I’ve just checked your site and looks like the issue was caused by custom CSS code from “Arrow Twitter Feed” plugin. Can you manage it from the plugin instead?

Or if there’s no options from the plugin, you can add the CSS code below into: Customize > additional CSS.

.entry-content img {
    margin-right: 15px !important;

Also, please re-check the content of your page, looks like there is a line break between the image and the text.