Strange Latest News Section Post Title Hover Decoration - Not working properly

Hi there, first of all great theme! Even though is from 2014 I’ve pretty much figured out everything I possibly can do to make it work properly. I didn’t want to bother anybody here until I absolutely had to, and that time is now.

Ok so this is quite weird, On the Latest News Section, the HOVER on the post titles does not show the default color orange, and therefore doesn’t work.

However, here’s the strange and mystical part, when I change the color of the default primary color of the site from orange to some other color, then that color shows up!

If I make a slight change to the orange default color in which it is still basically orange, then it works!

But I don’t like this because I am a perfectionist, I do not know at what point this began, I haven’t done much to it except the usual things that are taught and shown in the video, like the changing of section colors and so forth.

I want the original orange default color, just because! It bothers me that I can not have the original orange default color, yet I can have any other color, also when that color is changed it sort changes things in the next section down.

I know no system is prefect, but maybe perhaps there is a way to re import the file specifically to get the original colors back without effecting any other changes of preferences made?

Thank you in advance and I really appreciate the free theme!

Hello KingMatrix,

Can you please provide a link to your website?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi, sorry about not including a link, it’s just that it’s an ever changing link because of how much editing I’m doing all the time, it would be a futile thing to do.

The Hover Color for the Latest News Section is secondary, I have a much bigger issue right now, and I opened a new topic for it, it has to do with being able to place a SiteOrigin Editor Widget on the Blog Page in which I have the home page set to. It’s very aggravating and frustrating, because it’s seemingly such a simple thing. Is there a simple fix for this? My time is limited and I just don’t have time for figuring out code right now, I need to be doing content and etc… Thanks in advance.

Ok look here is my link as it stands now.
As you can see the home page is set up to display the blog page.
On the “Edit Blog Page” I placed a SiteOrigin Editor Widget with some content in it.

The problem is that I want the content contained in that SiteOrigin Widget Editor to be displayed either above or below the content on the Home Page in which the blog posts are displayed.

Is there any way to accomplish this fairly easily? There must be some sort of simplistic solution to this, if there isn’t I’m going to be forced to just find another theme that I can work with a lot easier.

I don’t think it would require very much coding, just give some simple instructions like maybe a one coder or something and I could do it myself, or I could give you admin rights temporarily or something, because I would really love to solve this. Thanks in advance.

Hello KingMatrix,

It looks like Kharis has already answered in your other topic:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.