Stop testimonial row from moving up and down

I would like to stop the row that the testimonial slider is on to stop adjusting height when the length of the testimonial changes. any way to do that?


I’ve just checked your site and didn’t see the issue. Did you already resolve the issue?

Had to adjust the length of each testimonial to stop from doing that. Is there a way to stop it if they are kept at there original lengths? One being 3 lines of text and the next being 10 and so on caused the rest of the page to move up and down as the slides changed.

I am not sure if this is the best way because to stop the section to not move up and down, you need to set the height of the testimonial item fixed and it will display a blank space if the testimonial displays several lines of text and will cut the text if there are many lines.

If you want to try, you can add this CSS code below to Customize > additional CSS:

.owl-carousel .owl-wrapper-outer.autoHeight {
    height: 350px !important;

No option to set the height of the testimonial to fixed. Tried the code but that did not work. This is a tough one.

I’ve just investigated your site, can you tell me what plugin did you used to build your frontpage?

Thank you. Now im using the beaver builder one.

That’s why the CSS code in above is not working :smiley:

oh… only works with page builder site origins?

Yes, but for your current plugin, you can try this CSS code below:

.fl-testimonials-wrap {
    height: 150px;

Awesome! Thank you. That was a very helpful one. Much appreciated.