Still cannot see the sydney pro in THMES

Sorry. Tried to reply to ur email and it failed.
Hi there. TX for the reply.
When I go to themes in WP I don’t see it. The theme just says SYDNEY.
There is no sydney pro on it. Do I need to download it?
Tried to send u a picture of the Theme screen in wp on the email.
Sorry for the inconvenience and TX!!!

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If it’s not there than you haven’t installed it. Use the My Account link on the top right here on our site and download the theme please, then go to Appearance > Themes and install and activate it.

Hi there. I am really sorry about this.
Are you referring to the “SYDNEY-PRO-II” file?
because I downloaded it and installed as per the the installation instructions.
When I go to Themes, should it say SYDNEY PRO? because mine just say SYDNEY.
Are there any other indications that confirms that I am using the pro version?
Again, please acept my apologies for the trouble I am causing you.


No trouble :slight_smile:

Check here please, this is how it should look:
If it doesn’t look like this for you then you might have not activated the theme. If you go to Appearance > Themes do you see Sydney Pro there?

Hi. No Mine just says SYDNEY. NOT sydney PRO
I looked for the pro theme download files but When I log in and look I can only find the SYDNEY-PRO-II. files, which I downloaded and ran.
Is there a place where the Pro version can be downloaded from>?

SORRY. When I go to Appearance > Themes It just says SYDNEY, is just the name of the file. It contains Sydney Pro. If it’s not under Appearance > Themes then it means you haven’t installed. You can find it if you go to My Account here on our site on the top-right side.
Or if you want you can send an admin account to me at vlad[at] and I’ll install it for you. It’s just the standard process, just like any other theme.

Hello, I’ve just paid for the developer licence as wanted the Sydney Pro theme but thought it was worth paying the extra and testing more. However, I cannot see a download link for Sydney Pro in the My Account section, just a place the manage sites. What do I do?


Hi there. I looked in the unzipped folder in my pc.
Which is the Sydney-Pro file?
I could not see any reference to sydney-pro

You’re talking about the My Account link here on, yes? There is no place to manage sites there, just links to all your downloads. You were also redirected to this page after you made the purchase.

As I said before, you don’t have to unzip the file.

Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload theme > select the file from your PC > activate the theme once it is installed. That’s it :slight_smile:

One question, how do you make the menu items ( home, about us,etc) larger?
or change position in the header?

See Customze > Fonts > Menu items.
Please open up new topics when you have new questions so we can keep things organized :slight_smile:

Hello Vlad, I am having the same difficulty as Julio Pena, when it comes to installing Sydney Pro. I read your post from November 13th, and followed the instructions.

Here is where I am at.

  1. I have downloaded the sydney-pro-ii folder from “Account” but it is not a ZIP file, and therefore, when I attempt to install this file, nothing happens.
  2. I have spent the past few hours trying to figure this out to no avail.

I am not sure what to do next.

Thank you.

Hello @VLAD, please ignore my question. I discovered through another correspondence you had with someone else that I need to turn off the “unzip” feature on my mac.