Sticky posts in archive and FP: Latest News do not work

Hi everybody,

currently I work with two Sydney-Websites (both are still in maintenance mode, so I can’t show the URL, it leads to the maintenance information).

In both installations sticky posts are not shown on top in neither the blog bost list (category respectively archive) and the FP: Latest News-widget. They remain in the list according to their publishing date.

A bug? A feature?

Hello there,

The sticky post works fine on my test site. It is displayed correctly as it should. Could you please confirm if you have properly set a sticky post? Or other plugin’s script might interfere it. Please try to deactivate the all non-required plugins one by one and check whether the issue still persists.


Hello Kharis,

you are right, and I learned after so many years WordPress that the sticky feature does not work within categories, but the general posts page only. Sigh. And I will need the plugin Category Sticky Post plugin by Tom McFarlin. Maybe this influences also the FP: Latest News widget …

Case closed.

Thank you.