Sticky menu


Vlad - Yesterday I added a new page (Login). Now the header menu on fp is sticky and … also a scroll down does not work on the login page. This is weird.



Hmm, not sure I understand what you mean that the scroll down doesn’t work on the login page.

But first, please update to the latest version of the theme, it has been available for some time now.


Vlad - updated the theme. Should I delete the login page and set up a new one?


Vlad - I solved the login page issue

I took out the CSS

.page-id-2897 .panel.widget {
padding: 30px;


The menu bar on the fp keep on changing from sticky to flexible tho


It appears the sticky menu is working fine on the front page now in all browsers. Make sure you clear your cache if you don’t see it right.

Do you have a caching plugin? I belive the menu wasn’t floating either because of a caching plugin that was keeping some old code, either something failed while installing the previous update.


OK - Thank you!