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thanks for this wonderful theme!

I have 1 question:
the menu on my homepage is sticky and I want the same sticky menu on the other pages of my website. Is this possible?

The website is
Kind regards,

Dear Ryan,

Thank you for asking.

In order to accomplish that objective, could you please try to add the following CSS code through the Simple Custom CSS plugin or child theme’s style.css?

.site-header.fixed {
    position: fixed !important;

    padding: 5px !important;

.admin-bar .site-header.float-header {
    top: 32px !important;

Let me know how it goes.


Dear Kharis,

I had the same problem and could almost fix it with your advice, only on the “Postpage” it is not working. Any ideas how to fix that?

My side:

Thanks already!

Never mind, all of a sudden it´s working now…
I have a bunch of other questions though and I don´t know where I can open a new topic?

Hi @juulesb,

You can open a new topic here.


Hi Kharis,

How can i do the same thing, but not to appear on mobile. i.e.

Have sticky menu on all pages on desktop mode, but not on mobile mode (as it covers the title of the pages).

  1. How can i reduce the height of the menu bar (Too big on mobile)


web link:

Hi Kharis,
thanks for your help: works great!

As a side-effect I also have a sticky menu on mobile devices now. Which is what I preferred anyway, but I have a question about that:

After pressing the hamburger-menu button on a mobile device the menu items themselves are being shown. These items cover most of the mobile-screen. After pressing one of the menu items the pages scrolls to the appropriate section, but the menu keeps covering most of the screen.

Is there a way to stop showing the menu itself after a menu-item has been pressed (and just show the hamburger menu button)?

Kind Regards,

Hi Kharis,

Want sticky menu on all website pages on desktop mode only & not for mobile mode (as it covers the title of the pages in mobile mode).

Hi Stratos,
maybe you can open a new topic for this,
otherwise I am afraid my question will not be answered…