Sticky Menu

I want create a sticky menu at the top of the page, anybody tried this with moesia?

That’s what I want to figure out now.

I reinstalled Moesia Themes recently, but the sticky navigation bar doesn’t work as it used to be.

I haven’t installed the extra recommended plugins. Is it a reason for that?

Hope someone can solve my problem.

We did some changes to the navigation bar and we solved some problems that it used to have. It doesn’t behave exactly the same, though there’s nothing wrong with it. Are you seeing any issues? Plugins have nothing to do with it.

Hi Vlad,

Now I noticed that, IE can display the sticky menu bar normally, and I can see the changes in its behavior. However, Chrome can not make it(But it once could). Maybe something has been blocked or banned.

In a series test, I found that, Safari, Chrome in iPad & IE can display normally, while Chrome in PC and Firefox in PC can’t.

Didn’t find any regular pattern in it…

Do you know why?


Perhaps you have some cache issues. Menu works fine in Chrome and FF. Could you post a link to your website?


FF is just installed and has no cache at all.

Given this “random” behavior, I think it might be my computer’s problem.



If I login to the admin, the admin bar seemed not compatible with the navi menu bar. If I logged out, the sticky bar sometimes performed normally. [in Chrome on PC] but sometimes the problem remains.

Firefox on PC works normally now but I don’t know why.

Thanks anyway. Now I can make sure other people can view it as it should be.


Do you have any caching plugin?

No, The server where I installed wp has strict permission on the application, where those cache plugins can’t work.