Sticky menu on mobile & menu scroll


I’m building a one page website with Sydney theme (
the issues i have are:

  1. menu is not sticky – i read that it is intentionally turned off but I would love to have it on for one-page website format
  2. on desktop, when i click the menu that’s connected to element ids, it does go to that panel but hides the upper part of the panel. it is the opposite on mobile. on my iphone, if I click the menu, it lands at the bottom of the panel before the one I selected.
  3. the ‘cakes’, ‘pastries’, and ‘bread’ part doesn’t readjust the size of the page but shows each food items as one row making the page very long… how can I resize them so that it looks similar to the web?


Hello there,

> 1 & 2

Could you please try to apply the following CSS code through the Simple Custom CSS plugin or child theme’s style.css?

  padding-top: 60px;

@media only screen and (max-width:991px){{
    position: fixed !important;

> 3

So you want it to remain 3 columns on mobile? Please advise.