Sticky menu just in front page

Hi everyone! First of all want to thank you guys for designing & developping such a good theme template.
Is it possible to have sticky menu just in front page and static in the rest of the pages?
Customizer only allows me to choose sitcky or static for all pages. Is there a way to solve it adding css code?
I´ve tried adding codes seen on other posts without succes at all. I would really appreciate any help regarding this matter.
Thanks in advance!

A link to my page, by the way:


Yes. Here is the CSS code:

body:not(.home) .site-header {
    position: static;


It works, thanks Ewan!.
The thing is that, on static header pages, a blank space of about the hight of the menu bar has apeared between header and first row, how can I delete it?
Thanks in advance and please forgive my ignorance!

See example:

Got it!
I’ve inserted following code:

.site-header {
   padding-top: 5px;
   margin-bottom: -140px;

Blank space disapeared, seems to work properly!
Thank you so much for all your help!

Hello, is it possible to have a sticky menu on all pages? Currently, I have the sticky, inline checked as the menu style but it only works on the home tab. Can I have this work on all my other tabs? Thanks!

Hello @genivadi, please post your questions in Sydney forum instead.