Sticky menu hangs below top instead of at top

This used to work perfectly. I haven’t upgraded, nor made any changes. Now the sticky menu comes up near the top, but leaves an irritating space - about 1/4 inch - of the scrolling background visible above the menu bar. Any ideas how to get it back to the top of the screen? Compare to the moesia demo to see exactly what I mean. Thank you.
Okay - seems to work fine on Opera and Explorer. Problem seems to be with Chrome? Any thoughts on how to deal with that?


Can you please provide some explanatory screenshots?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello, thank you for the screenshots, I received them.

I couldn’t recreate your issue in Chrome, unfortunately (or fortunately :slight_smile: ). You can try to clear your Chrome browser cache and see if it helps.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Worked like a charm, thank you Roman.
But that’s not all. The problem came right back, and I’ve repaired it again, but now more information (just FYI).
I was hosted by IX, which just sold to Site 5. After Site 5 takeover, I tried to update the footer.php in my Moesia child theme. Received an error message that connection wasn’t working and I should try another approach. Result was NO footer on the site. So, after applying your fix to the menu, I tried the footer update again. Still no luck, and THAT is apparently what caused the sticky menu problem.
So I fixed the menu again and used FileZilla to upload a revised footer.php through my cpanel. This worked, so far. I currently have both a stuck-to-the-top menu and also a revised footer.php, and I will not be using the WP customizer editor for now.
Could this be a Site 5 problem?

You are welcome!

I’m not sure what caused this issue, unfortunately.

Kind Regards, Roman.