Sticky Menu does not work in Firefox

Hi guys,

I have a problem with the sticky menu of the sydney pro theme. The sticky menu does not appear when site is opened in Firefox browser. Everything seems to be fine in Edge browser.
I tried everything: All the CSS I could find on your support sites, Clear the browser Cache, activate and deactivate “sticky” in customizer, …

Please have a look at my site: www.mü

I also tried to make the mobile menu sticky. This does not work in Firefox too. And I found another problem… When I make the mobile menu sticky, there’s some white space above the content (slider, header image).

If you need access to the backend, let me know.



it’s me again. I found out, that there are more strange issues with sydney pro theme in firefox browser. The arrow for scrolling back up the site again, does not show up or only show up at the end of the side.
The search plugin I loaded to the menu opens a search form with overlay. In Firefox the search form is somewhere in the middle of the site. In other browsers, it’s always sticky/fixed in the middle of the screen.

Whats going on there. Seems to be a general problem.
I have installed sydney pro on some pages, but never had these problems. Is there something wrong with the theme installation? I am using the current version 2.0.10.


Hello there,

I checked your site and it seems like the sticky menu is inactive on Chrome and Firefox. Did you intentionally disable it? Would you mind re-enabling it again to help us inspect and troubleshoot what might become the issue in there.

For go to top button issue, I found the code looks correct and none overrides it. Ideally it should be displayed. But, try adding this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard. {
       z-index: 9999 !important;

to against z-index issue if it really occurs.



I found it out. It was a Plugin conflict. I disabled it and now everything works just fine.
Maybe you can help me with the mobile sticky menu?

I have some kind of whit space above the header area.