Stick the 4 Testimonials which will stick to front page?


I want to show 4 testimonials on the front page linking to all testimonial pages which can be done now with 1.14 version.

The problem still exists in a way. Like I have chosen the 4 testimonials which will show on front page. That’s showing on date added basis. However, if I add another one, the size will be messed up (because all reviews are not will be same characters).

There should be a way to choose which 4 testimonials will be shown on the homepage. Like sticky them (so they do not get buried if I add testimonials later).

Or adding an order basis in the testimonial category itself. What would you suggest?



Have a look at this video:
You can add the ones you want to show on the front page in a category and then choose to display only that category. Make sure you have the latest theme version and the latest settings file.


Thank you! Got it going