Stationary topics?

I like the looks of this theme but I have a question before I commit the next years of my life to using it (and some $$). I want a theme that will let me dedicate one “panel” (one square) on the front page to one topic. That panel will always be used for ONLY (for example) “Traveling In The Countryside”. I ultimately will have 4 or 5 of such panels (topics). There should be the typical top banner, date, etc then the 4 or 5 panels - maybe an extra panel will show the most recent post to any topic, followed by the detail for each of my topics below. Will the Greatmag do this as it is now?


  1. I’m not sure what you mean by “There should be the typical top banner, date, etc.”, can you please provide some explanatory screenshots in order to illustrate what exactly you want to achieve?

  2. Also please provide more details regarding “followed by the detail for each of my topics below”.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thank you for your patience. I have attached a simple sketch that I made in paint. At the top of the page I want the title of my blog, along with date, etc. This is pretty standard. Right under the title, I want to have 4 “blocks”, one for each topic (not sure what you call them). In my sample, I show 4 topics, food, study, history and travel. Each of the blocks will show the most recent post to that topic. Even if the last post to history was in 2015 and the other topics have posts from 2018, I still want the post from 2015 to be displayed in the history “block” in this area. Under these 4 blocks, there should be an area that shows all of the posts to each topic, probably organized by topic and then chronologically. It is also possible that a 5th “block” will occupy this part of the screen showing the most recently made post. In the future, I might expand to 5 or 6 topics…

What I like about this theme is that the pictures command here - make a strong visual impact. It is very clean and streamlined but still showing the contents of the whole blog.

I hope this is a little bit clearer.


Hello Tom,

GreatMag theme has GreatMag: Single category posts widget that should help you to achieve that. You can create one row with two cells and put GreatMag: Single category posts widgets into those cells for Food and Study categories (from the sketch above), then set Number of posts to show: to 1 for each widget and select appropriate categories. Repeat for History and Travel categories.

Similarly, create four full width rows below with that widget in each row for those four categories. Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Wow! So it’s kinda like having building blocks in a theme package…I can add multiple single category posts - as many as I need?


Yes Tom, you can add as many as you need, but please note that this widget is designed to show two columns, so one post will occupy only left side.

However, you can also try to use Recent Posts Widget Extended plugin, it is very flexible and has many options.

Kind Regards, Roman.