Static page expands


When I set a page to the front page, it seems to expand out oddly.

When the page is not set as the front page, it does not have this issue.

Any Ideas?


course I am using the cool front page theme now so it is kind of moot.


The thing is your using columns in your rows, which Moesia isn’t built to handle. You simply need to add your widgets one after the other on a single page builder row.


I think this is an important issue and might be worth mentioning in the “Front Page Configuration” section of the documentation. After installing Page Builder, I tried building a custom home page using columns. The blog pages are two columns, and the CSS suggests Moesia is using a 12 column grid. It took me over an hour of debugging/experimentation and searching before I found this thread.

By the way, Moesia is a beautiful theme.


I’m sorry, I’m tired and I don’t think I understand. What exactly should be mentioned in the documentation?

The issue mentioned in this thread is no longer valid as now using multiple columns doesn’t cause an horizontal scrollbar anymore.


I was referring to Moesia not supporting columns. It’s a localhost site, so I can’t send a link. I’ve done two screenshots to illustrate. shows the column layout in Page Builder. show how it appears in the front end. Col 1 stretches across the page, and the other two columns appear to float on top of it. After reading the forum post I assumed this was happening because the post says Moesia doesn’t support columns?

BTW, this is amazing support. You responded in less than an hour!


Yeah, I’m usually lurking around the forums when I’m on the PC.

And that’s what I was saying, support for multiple columns exists in the latest version of the theme. Are you not using 1.11? It didn’t when this thread was created, but now it does :slight_smile:


Using 1.06, which I downloaded from awhile ago. Lesson learned: always make sure you have the most-recent version! I’ll try installing the latest version and see what happens. I am using WP 4.0 – is the theme 4.0 compatible?


Yes, it is compatible.