Static Homepage Options?

I apologize if this has already been asked. At I have my frontpage set to static which I like. Is it possible to somehow add the sidebar to a static front page? OR I have everything set for 2 columns (when I set to one, other posts get placed odd/titles overlap, not sure why) --Can I add a second static page/column to the front page or am I only able to have one there? Pretty much…can I fill the gap you see on the front page (but keep it static)? Thanks!

For anyone else with the same question I make up with a better solution that works with the theme the way it is. I took the page I wanted static and made it it’s own page with menu tab so it naturally shows the sidebar and no longer a gap. Then switched the front page to show recent posts. Now I just need to plan ahead with future posts and make all the featured images the same size so it looks as pretty as the demo… :slight_smile: