Static Front Page

Hello, i have a problem with static front page. i am making 2 pages: 1. home page (with front page template), 2. Blog (with default template). After this i am going to appearance->customize->Static Front page, next i choose a static page button and i select homepage as a front page and blog page as a posts page. when i save all these and go to my site it doesn’t show only slider, there is recent posts, search, categories and so on. can u help me to resolve the problem ? this is my website if u want to see exactly how it looks.

i’ve solved problem, it would be great if my post got any attention. Thanks a lot.

Hi…Before I could start building my site
In my site I have used the same Sydney theme.
I went through these tutorials which helped me a lot and do 80% of things on own. Please watch and

For complex things I did rely on this forum.

One more video tutorial for Sydney is