Static front page with no column, image in header, social links and edit pages


This is my site:
I would like the photo on the front page to fill put the entire front page with no coloumns or anything - how do I do that? Thanks!

Also, how do I edit the pages in general? I can not seem to remove the columns on any of the pages and decides where to put the photos on so on - where do I do all of this?

And where do I add social links?

And is there a way to add my own logo to the header? And the header - how do I change the width of that?

I hope someone can help with my (many) questions! It would be of great help.

Thank you


Try using the full width page template to remove the sidebar.

You edit the pages just like you would with any theme - by going to Edit Page. Not everything is theme related on your website:)

We have two widgets for social links. Both of them require you to create a menu with your social links.

See the Customizer for the logo and other options.

See the demo and the documentation to get a better look at the theme.

Thanks! Is it possible to place the logo somewhere else than in the header? Because it seems there is no room for both the logo AND the title of the page in the header. Is this correct?

Also, when I create the menu with my social links - how do I add it? This theme only supports one menu

The logo is displayed instead of the site title and description.

As I said, you need to use the Social widget and assign the social menu to it. If you’re not going to use a sidebar then you can either add it in the footer or grab one of the plugins from the extensions page that add an extra widget area.