Startpage to show only the slider

hi there, i try to display only one picture on my frontpage. This works now perfectly, but there is a empty space between the silder and the footer, how can i get that space away?

Thank you for your work.

my site if necessary:

(not finished)


Try using the Front Page template.

Hi, thanks. But where do i find this option?

Thank you

See here, from the 10th second. Just like you would in any other theme that provides page templates.

worked perfectly! Thank you for your support!

i´m really sorry, but now i have an other problem. When i scroll down or up and down, sometimes (~ every 3 times) the Background picture reloaded every second. What means it change with to picture to with to picture…

What should i do now?


What do you mean? I’m not seeing the image changing on your site.

Sorry, I see what you mean. It’s a slider so it expects more images. Next version has an option to stop the slider.

okey, thank you for your work & i´m waiting for the next update.