Stars on carousel not visible



i just tried your really nice review theme. I use a new WP 4.0 installation and follow your documentation.
But if i write my first post and rate it, no stars would be shown on carousel or post - header.

What i did before?

  1. Install WP 4.0
  2. Install aReview theme
  3. Install the both necessary plugins (Custom Field Suite, Yet Another Stars Rating)
  4. Goto settins YASR and activate “Show “Overall Rating” in Home Page?”
  5. Delete Pages and Posts
  6. Create new Page and Post and rate them.
  7. Nothing is shown in carousel.

Do you have any idea how to fix my problem?



The carousel shows featured images of your posts. Do you have featured images set?


Hello Vlad,

yes, i set a featured image and see it in carousel. Also i see it in the widget top rated.
I attach you a Screenshot here:

An other problem you can see on the screenshot is, how i can delete the rateing for the empty star’s?


When you edit your post you’ll see the custom fields for Review Management right below the post editor. You need to check the first box to display the ratings on the front page. You’ll see those custom fields if you imported the settings for the Custom Fields Suite, as it is shown in the documentation.

For the other issue I’m sorry, there is no way to do it.


Many thanks, Vlad. I did not read it exactly. Now it works es expected.

But i have an other issue with the post detail page. I Choose Review Management, but don’t see the pro’s and con’s. Additionaly i wan’t to show the button as seen in demo next to the product teaser.

Here is my screen:


Have you enabled the Product Review mode from the Customizer?


So simple Vlad, many thanks. Make more so beautiful themes …