Stars not showing


I downloaded yasr plugin and codes through custom field suite.
Game review mode is selected.
‘Star rating on blog index’ is ticked.
When I click read more, stars are displayed in the post, but not showing up in the carousel, neither on the right side of post category labels.
I circled in black what is missing on my site.
I tried to find a solution on forums but found nothing…

Hi, try setting to Yes - Settings > Yet Another Stars Rating: Settings > Show “Overall Rating” in Archive Page?

YES is set. Maybe YASR is not compatible with w3 total cache and Cloudflare.

Well, I personally don’t like and don’t use Cloudflare since it can take some time to show new changes. W3 is good solution but for both: use them only when you set up everything and never while building your content with new theme, plugins, styling etc.

So, disable them both and try.

I understand your view and thank you for the support.
But the site speed is much better with cloudlfare and w3, and a lot of websites use both now. I will try to open a new website with areview template, just for test. If stars are showing, gonna add w3, then Cloudlfare, to see what happen.


Finalyy disabled cloudlfare and w3, both are disabled.
But stars are not showing up…

Have you imported game review mode for Custom Field Suite from here?

Also when you edit post you should tick box: Stars on the blog index
Check this box to display your star ratings on the blog index.

You can also send me WP admin credentials to dimi[@] so I can check.

game review mode imported, box ticked, I’ve done everything. The only file I couldn’t import was the movie file but I don’t think it is the problem.
Also after having disabled clouflare and w3 cache yesterday, I disabled every widgets today one by one (askimet, security, contact form, translator, image optimizer, CSS plugin,…) and even when all widgets inactive, no stars are showing.
You should receive administrator credentials that I’ve created for you.
There is no editor section in the apparence menu, but I don’t think you need to modify code.
I have the same problem with areview theme on other sites…
See what you can do. ?


Did you find something?
I think I found the origin of the problem: I also have a malfunction with areview theme concerning flash banners: I enter the code of the banner in the post, but the size is not correct - I don’t have this problem with other wordpress themes I use ( same plugins) . Also a small malfunction concerning tabs…
Maybe an update of areview theme is available soon? Probably a file is missing and the theme is not compatible with the new wordpress.

Hi, yes I removed game review mode. You can use only one review mode.

Really appreciate your help, it’s very nice now with stars.
Only one minor problem left I didn’t have with other templates so far: when I insert a flash banner script in a post, the banner is displayed but not resized and with no href link to click. What I found is that a section of the code is deleted when I publish the post: (in red, part of the code missing after saving)
I don’t have any clue what it is because I have the same settings and plugins that other templates I used so far.

This is not theme related question, I tried your code and it is displayed OK. When applying the code, switch to text editor and then paste the code. And please use some source code editor which is more appealing for your eyes :slight_smile: like Notepad++ or similar.