Star bullets

i cant seem to figure out how to get the star shaped bullet points, as shown in the demo. Where do i find it?


Hello there,

Thank you for asking.

It was built using “Sydney FP: List” widget. The list item content looks like the following.

^Quisque ultricies ex eu ligula
^Ut gravida tortor ut felis varius
^Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Please see this screenshot

If you had already had it, but didn’t seem to work, please post your site URL here so we can have a closer look.


Ok i found the “Sydney FP: List” widget. But how do i use it while using Visual Composer? Ive already designed the page using visual composer, but it seems in order to add the list widget, i need to switch to Pagebuilder, which i dont like.

Any advice?

Hello there,

You could use the “WP Text” element. Switch to text mode instead of visual, then enter the following.

Let me know how it goes.