Standard Blog

Any recommendations for styling a page to display a list of blog posts the way a standard wordpress blog usually displays them? Like with the title and excerpt, a read more link, and maybe the current one a little larger at the top? If you know a way to do this with shortcode, the sitebuilder or another plugin/widget, let me know! Otherwise I can insert the proper code if that is the way to go. Thanks!

I am trying “Post Content Shortcodes” right now to see if this will work, I’ll let you know!

Hello there,

Such an option, unfortunately, does not exist within the theme. You have to modify theme folder / content.php file and to add:
<?php the_excerpt(); ?>

For read more you can use permalink or you can modify excerpt

In order to change blog list style, apply custom css code below:

.blog .blog-posts article {
    width: 100%;

.blog .blog-posts article .entry-image a img {
    width: 100%;

You can use this plugin in order to apply css code.

Achieving this will require custom coding, and if you are unable to code this by yourself, you will have to hire someone or to contact Codeable, because we are not in position to accept any custom work.

Best Regards!

I have a plug in that is working ok, but I think I will go ahead and modify the files sometime in the near future. Thanks a bunch, really like the theme!