Square Up Appointment App

I just set up Square on my website to book client meetings. On Square’s website, they had code for me to copy and paste for a full-screen version of the booking page.

It embedded just fine, however, I want to figure out a way to make it smaller (or make the page bigger so you can see the whole thing and don’t have to scroll down after you pick the first option.) Right now you have to scroll down to see all the options and I want it so you can see the whole thing at a glance and so my clients do not have to scroll!

Any ideas? The URL is: https://starconversations.com/appointments/

Example: https://starconversations.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Screen-Shot-2018-04-19-at-9.25.37-PM.png


It doesn’t look like a theme issue, please try to contact that plugin support and see what they say.

Kind Regards, Roman.