Sporadic Loading on Mobile

I am finding my web site using the free Alizee theme loads most of the time on PC’s but not always, and sporadically om mobile devices. Google adwords is refusing to publish ads in adwords because it says the URL is not working.
My internet service provider says there no issues per the sewrver logs and access is fine. So where is this problem coming from?

The web site is:




Regarding adwords, try to register your main domain with them, or google about adwords on subdomain. Regarding slow load, maybe for beginning you should try to disable jetpack photon module, or jetpack plugin, also try to disable additional plugins one by one and try every time. Also if you are using CDN, disable it. In general, set theme to natural state with few required plugins, and then try.

Beside that, we really don’t have anything else to offer in order to help you.

Best Regards