Spacing issues

Hello all,
Having a couple of spacing issues.

  1. Top selection menu (pages section) on website is in center and is supposed to be on the right
  2. Too much space between header and content
  3. Footer height is too high

Thanks for all your input and time.


  1. It’s because you have no site title or description. If you plan to keep it this way, you’ll need to add this a custom CSS plugin:

.header-wrap .col-md-4 {
     height: 1px;

  1. Can you show me an example page where you’re saying this space?
  2. The footer just goes a bit over your content. You could move the second widget in the second footer widget area to reduce the height.

Hello Vlad,
Thanks for the response. I was previously changing some of the margin numbers and ended up with the menu placed more in the centre. Which margin number do I need to adjust to place the menu back to the right? Thanks for your time and concern.

I see you’ve sorted it out? It’s as far right as it can be.