Spacing In Call to Action Wiget

Hi! I’ve tried a lot of css to fix the spacing between the title and the text block in the call to action widget. Nothing has worked so far and I can’t figure out why there is so much space there.

It’s the very first row:

I’d really like everything to line up a lot nicer! Thanks!


You can decrease it by adding this to your custom CSS:

.widget_sydney_action .widget-title {
     margin-bottom: 0;

Use a custom CSS plugin for this. Also please note that the widget styles you added in the Page Builder don’t work like that - you need to add one propriety per line as it is noted there in the plugin.

Ah, thanks so much! You guys are insanely helpful, I really appreciate it.

Ok so another stupid question, sorry. Does that mean that in order to align the text farther to the right I would need to use the custom css editor plugin as opposed to the page builder?

I was reading some older posts where you helped someone with one of the widgets by editing with the page builder. I’ve tried both but can’t get the alignment I want. Ideally I would like the text to be a lot closer to the image in that row so everything looks nice and even. Right now it’s too far to the left.

It’s because you’re using the full stretched layout for that row. Change it to full or default.

Styles added in the page builder only affect the whole row or the whole widget - therefore you cannot target specific elements with it.

Thank you so so so much!