Spacing Bug

Hey guys,

thanks for this free and awesome theme. I especially love how much you let us edit. Thats quite extensive.

My problem is, that I have unwanted spacing in the footer for some reason. I do not know why, it is neither margin nor padding that seems to let the textbox display wrong.

If you want to take a look: http://

It is on this site and this site only. It occurs if you have a look in the bottom left corner of the footer, where it says “ORGANISATOR”. It is off by about 30px.

It might just be simpler to just delete the page and set it up new, but I figured, why not ask.

Thank you very much for your help!

I could not find an edit button so just a quick notice:

The link above does not work because of the second set of http in front of it.

Please use this one:

Add the following code to you style.css file and let me know if it works

#text-2.widget.widget_text {
padding-top: 0px;

Yes it worked.
Thank you very much.