Spaces between lines

Vlad, how can I make a space between lines?
If I press Enter it doesn’t helps.

Not sure where exactly do you mean.

Here is the screenshot made in Page Builder. And here is the page on my website with no space.

You should wrap it in a paragraph, just like I see you did below.

I puzzled over how to do it.
I didn’t wrapped it in a paragraphs, I just pushed Enter ))
I even tried use shortcodes, but it is no use.

By the way, I cannot make a link. Please look. Maybe I do something wrong?

Why not simply use a regular page there, without any widgets?

Hi, Vlad!
I did as you said. It’s all right, but how can I realize the effect like in the About Us section? I mean fadeInRigh animation, when the paragraphs slide smoothly from the side

You can go to the HTML mode in the page editor, find the paragraph you want and make sure you add two classes like this: <p class="wow fadeInRight">

Doesn’t work ((
I added it before the paragraph. No effect at all ((