Space in "footer" section

Hi There,

I removed the credit footer using this code: site-info { display: none; } and then created my own credit section with an elementor block, but there is a strange white block underneath the footer I created and I checked it says site-content, but if I try delete that white block with CSS it deletes the entire pages content :frowning: Just to note I am NOT a coder clear lol)

This is what it looks like now:

The URL is:

Many thanks


Hi M,

I’ve just checked your site and can’t see the issue. Do you have already resolve the issue?


Hi Awan :slight_smile:

Ah ok front page I managed to sort but the white section continues to persist on all other pages for example here: you will see the white space underneath the footer I created :frowning: and I dont know how to get rid of it


Ah I see… you can eliminate the space using this CSS code:

.site-content {
    padding-bottom: 0;