Space between Top of the Page and Content


I have a space between the top of my site and the first content of each pages. As you can see on the following picture:, the header image starts in the middle of the nav bar (I did not scrolled down :P)
I would like that the image starts below the nav bar. What’s funny is it looks ok when I am connected to my wordpress dashboard:
It is the same problem for every page. Just to let you know, I built the site with SiteOrigin widget and on top of all pages, the first widget is a Headline with a picture in the background

Any advice?
Thanks for your help!


By the way, my website is:


I’ve just checked your site and I noticed the problem is in your image

Can you re-upload the image and let see how its goes.

Hi Awan,

Thank you for your reply. I re-uploaded the image but the problem remains. I don’t think it’s an image problem because as you can see in the contact page, there is the same problem without a header image:

The issue is that the first widget of the page is partially crop under the nav bar. Consequently, the title is not “vertically centered”. This varies if I am connected or not to wordpress.
Centered when I am connected to wordpress:
Not centered when I am disconnected:

What’s your guess?
Thanks again Awan!

Hey, I think I have the some problem now on my website, it’s like there’s no header anymore but when I’m connected on my dashboard everything is ok. Did you find the problem? I have some issues since a theme update last week…

Oh I see, I think that’s because the wordpress top navbar. Could you please to add the css code below to the styles.css in the child theme or use simple custom css plugin?

#page {
    margin-top: 70px;

You can adjust the value of the margin top in above, and let see how it goes.

Hum, no, it’s worst. With that code, the header is blank, white. I can’t see the menu on the front page, but on the other pages it’s working but with a blank space above the menu (i.e. of 70 px).

(I was answering for me, which maybe is not the same problem : ?) I started a thread, no answer so far. It’s been two weeks that on each update, I have a new bug.

Hi Awan,

The solution works for me. I have to put the margin-top at 0.1px only and it replaces my header correctly under the nav bar. So my title is vertically centered again! (

Thank you for your help Awan!

Have a nice day