Space between the sidebar and portfolio photo


This is the page I am talking about:
How can I increase the space between the sidebar and the photo because it looks squeezed. Or how can I change the size of the widget to let it become smaller like the demo shows?

Also, after I click in the photo from the front page, it always directs me to the header page (‘Welcome to my Site!’) first and I need to scroll down to see the photo like it showed in this link. I would like to see the photo directly after I click in. Anything I should do to make it happen?

Thank you!


you can increase the space with the following code:

.content-area .entry-thumb {
  text-align: left !important;

To get rid of the slider (the “welcome to my site”-thing) you can go to appearence > customizer and set the header options under header area > header type to “image” or “no header” at the site header type to change the type on all pages except the front page.

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I pasted the code to Appearance–>Editor, but nothing changes though. Do I need to resize the photo or the widget to increase the space?

Sorry, I should had say that you need to crate a child theme or just use a simple css plugin to paste the code in it.

So delete it from your editor, download and install the plugin simple css and paste it in.

I pasted it in the css plugin but still didn’t really work. Do I need to resize my image or is there a way to make the widget on the sidebar looks smaller? Thanks!

Which browser are you using? In Firefox it’s working and it normally should in others too. The image has a little bit more space between it. Maybe you just think it doesn’t work because you hoped to get more space.

Maybe try this too:

.col-md-3 {
  width: 20% !important;
  margin-left: 5% !important;

This should make the space even larger.

Yes, it works now. Thank you very much! Which values should I change in the code if I want to adjust the size of space in the future?

That’s great. The original width was 25% and margin-left 0% (wasn’t there).
If you want to get the old sizes, delete the code.
I guess 20% width is the smallest version possible. The calendar can’t get smaller.
If you want the space to be a little bit larger, apply a width between 25 and 20% and choose the difference as the margin-left. So with a with of 20%, the margin-left is 5%. With a width of 22%, the margin-left would be 3%.

Great! You’ve been really helpful. Thank you!:slight_smile: